Please refer to NEWS below for open hours and COVID-19 requirements.




  • Normal Rifle Range open hours for NRSBRC are as follows:
    Wednesday Night, 6.45pm – 9pm, 1st detail starts at 7.30pm.
    Saturday Afternoon, 12.45pm – 3.30pm, 1st detail starts at 1.15pm.
    Note: Range may occasionally be closed, check below for confirmation.

  • Due to latest COVID-19 restrictions, NRSBRC range is CLOSED until Saturday Afternoon 28th August, 2021. Please check if Range is open before deciding to attend, as opening times will be amended as required.

  • COVID-19 Requirements:

– On entering range facility, the person’s name phone number and time of entry should be recorded.
– No P650 at present as it is not possible to practice social distancing and meet the Firearm Registry requirements.
– Any equipment that is used by more than one person needs to be cleaned and disinfected after each user.
– 4 square metres per person is required in any room or range area.
– People need to remain 1.5 metres apart.


Upcoming Events: 

  • If all goes well and COVID-19 is under control, NRSBRC would love to host a Prize Shoot on the 11th of September 2021. Please see the attached flyer: NRSBRC Prize Shoot 2021 (PDF)

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