The Law and Licences

The Law controls all aspects of Shooting and Firearm ownership in New South Wales under the Firearms Act and the appropriate Regulations. It is administered by the Firearms Registry and enforced by the NSW Police.

You must have a genuine reason for wanting to own and use a firearm. Home and self protection aren’t considered genuine reasons. But Hunting and Target shooting are and can be used for the application to get firearms and a Licence. Note that Pistols may only be used for Target Shooting and there are restrictions on Caliber sizes (and that’s all I shall say about pistols now, and in the future).

It should be realised that there are 2 types of Rifle/Long-arm Licence
1. Target
2. Hunting and Vermin control.

These are then broken down into 2 Classes.
“A” Class (Air-Rifle, Rimfire (22 cal) and Shot-gun)
“B” Class all allowable Centrefire calibers

There are 2 more extra class that are not normally applicable.
“C” is for shooters with a disability and allows them to shoot auto loading rifles.
“D” is for shooters that are required to use firearms in their employment

You can not use a Target Licence for hunting or a Hunting Licence for target shooting. Even though you only get one licence card with endorsements on the back.

I advise all shooters, if they know a farmer that is willing to allow them onto their property to shoot. Then get both Target and Hunting it costs no more, only another bit of paper to fill in.

To obtain a Target Shooting Licence you must belong to a Target Shooting Club. This is where we come in.
You must attend and pass an accredited Firearms Safety Course to apply for a licence.We have Firearm Safety and Training Officers that will help you to obtain a licence.
There are waiting times as stipulated by Firearms Registry as to the granting of Licences (28 days) and the granting of a Permit To Acquire a Firearm (a further 28 days).
You can’t apply for a PTA until you have your licence in your possession not just granted.
The cost of the Training Coarse is $143.00, Minors $77.00 and takes around 3 hrs.
Firearms Licence Costs $200.00 for 5 Years, Minors Permit (12-18years) $75.00 (Pensioner Free).
These fees are correct as per 2013/14.

You can shoot on our range without a licence. By submitting a P650 Form (we have them at the range). We can allow you to shoot with a CLUB rifle, under very strict one-on-one with one of our members looking after you. The club requires that you must obtain a Licence with-in a 3 months period as other members can’t shoot while they are looking after you.
We are willing to allow you to shoot for 3 times with-out joining the club, but a P650 must be filled in and will be retained, so that you can make up your mind whether shooting is for you. A range fee will be charged($5.00) and this will be deducted from your fees if you wish to join.

Just a few comments.

The P650 Form is a Firearms Registry form, They/Police do collect them and do do checks. So it would be inadvisable to be untruthful in filling one out.

If you have been convicted of a crime of Violence , a firearm offence or have had an AVO taken out against you in the last 10 years I suggest that you look at some other sport/ activity to become involved in.

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