1. Do I have to pay Range Fees When I shoot ?

No. You may shoot on Wednesday nights normally a maximum of 3 targets and also any Saturday afternoon that we are shooting. We won’t charge you for Targets either. All has been calculated into your membership fee.

2. Do I have to Pay for the use of club Equipment ?

No it’s free to use until you get your own. But you will have to contact us to ensure that there are rifles for you to use. We DO NOT keep any Firearms, Ammunition or Money at the Range

3. Can I Shoot as a Visitor ?

Yes we can allow you to shoot 3 times and still be covered by our insurance after that you must join the Club to be able to continue shooting. For new shooters we encourage them to do this. Any member of NSWSARA or any State Assoc affiliated with TRA may shoot as many times as they wish.

4. When are fees due ?

The Club year is from 1st January to 31st December. For new members joining after 1st July a 6month fee is payable (half the yearly fee). Fee renewals must be paid during November due to the fact that we have effectively a 6-7 week break over Xmas and that means that from 1st January you are no longer a club member. This could cause problems with your Licence as a requirement is that you be a member of a rifle club.

5. Must I Enter into the Club Competition?

No. You can just come and shoot with us. We will try to get you to change your ways and shoot in the club competition, that way you can see by your scores whether you are improving.

6. I see that there are Prize shoots listed on your site, do I have to attend these?

No. It is your decision whether to attend or not. We will encourage you to attend, but not until we feel that you are ready and capable of shooting without that assistance of another shooter

7. What are the ages for Junior Shooters and what are the requirements?

The minimum age for Junior shooters is 12 years. You will have to get a “Minors Permit” with-in 3 months of joining the Club. We have licence testers that will assist you in gaining that permit. As a Junior you will have to have a Legal Guardian/Parent with you while you are at the range. At the age of 18 years you must get an shooters licence to be able to continue in the sport.

8. How many times a year must I shoot to maintain my Licence?

You must shoot 4 times a year . But if you wish to improve then every week is the way to go, you don’t see top golfers/tennis players practicing once a month They are our there every change they can get. It’s the same with shooting you get out what you put in. If your intent is to only shoot the minimum number then there are cheaper option for you than North Rocks Smallbore Rifle Club.

9. What are the gradings and how are they calculated.

Gradings are how we classify your skill as a shooter. As in all things some people are naturally better at things than others. It’s all a matter of how our bodies and their intricate systems function.

The grading scores that we use are as follows.
                        Prone                                Benchrest
A Grade          194.1-200                        198.5 -200
B Grade          190.1-194                        195-198.4
C Grade          184.1-190
D Grade          <184                                 No D Grade

Club gradings are calculated over a 12 Month period from your best 20 targets shot.
Association gradings are calculated over a 6 Month period from all score that are shot



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